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Master Plan for the Rio de Janeiro metro

The Plano Diretor Metroviário (PDM) is the Master Plan for the Rio de Janeiro metro, which SENER – through its subsidiary Setepla – is producing for Rio Trilhos, the contractor responsible for the planning of the Rio de Janeiro metro mass transport system. A public company which reports directly to the Ministry of Transport of the Rio de Janeiro State Government, Rio Trilhos was originally the operator of the metro system, but since 1998 private sector operators have occupied this role.

SENER is performing this work as part of a consortium alongside a Brazilian transport planning consultant, and, although each has a 50% share, Setepla is leading the way.

The main objective of the Plan is to present a scheme for expansion of the metro network across the whole of the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area over the next three decades, covering not only the city itself but also seven other municipalities that currently have no metro service. These are conurbations around Rio de Janeiro with important connections to the capital, places in which there is strong demand from inhabitants needing public transport, and where there is much potential for urban development.

As part of the PDM, SENER will set out an implementation plan for this 30-year period, which will detail an ordering of priorities based on a model made using multiple criteria, including an economic-financial assessment of the investments required.

The Plan will also be a tool for urban planning, identifying focal points for urban development which will allow Rio’s metropolitan area to be transformed into a polynuclear city, i.e. having more than one urban center. This will make it possible to increase efficiency in the use of transport resources and reduce the pendularity (high demand for journeys in one direction during certain parts of the day, for example from the suburbs to the center early in the morning and in the opposite direction later on in the day) that is currently in effect.

A new feature is the free software SENER is using for the PDM simulations, which is capable of integrating urban planning with transport planning, allowing for higher quality analyses and feedback of information.

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