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Letter from the President 51

Jorge Sendagorta, Presidente de SENER Grupo de Ingeniería

Jorge Sendagorta, Presidente de SENER Grupo de Ingeniería

Dear friends,

SENER aims high in its Space projects; a specialist area in constant expansion that is based on the vast experience we have already accumulated over nearly half a century of successful achievements. The increasing number of contracts undertaken, increasing levels of responsibility (many of our teams are critical to the mission’s success) and also economic volume are testament to SENER’s achievements. Here we would like to highlight the contributions of our teams in Spain and Poland to the Euclid probe, which will be mapping “dark Space”; and the ATHENA mission, whose advanced telescope will explore the Universe’s high-energy areas. We also wish to single out the recent awarding of our equipment for the Copernicus satellite and the JUICE mission, the latter designed to broaden our knowledge of Jupiter and its moons.

Our solar thermal plants also look to the skies. SENER continues to strengthen its technological leadership, shown by the fact that it has participated in almost 50% of all such facilities built in the world, all of which have surpassed 100% of the promised production. In addition, we are very proud to be the authors of technological innovations that have been reducing the cost of solar thermal production by up to 30% over the last five years, a development on which we continue to work. The thermal storage of solar energy in molten salt also makes it possible to manage power generation, adapting to the demand for each time slot.

The NOORo type I and II (Morocco) and Bokpoort and Kathu (South Africa) cylindrical-parabolic plants are fine examples of the state-of-the-art in solar thermal technology, while we are currently building NOORo III (Morocco) with central tower technology. The central tower, which can produce 150 MW of electric power, is an ambitious evolution of Gemasolar (Spain), a plant that has been functioning since 2011. We are proud of SENER’s contribution towards creating local industry in the countries in which these major projects have been implemented.

The geographical footprint of all our undertakings continues to expand. Some actions that we wish to announce are: in Mexico, the supervision of the Puebla-Progreso highway, the tunnels for the Durango-Mazatlán highway, and the surgical wing at the General Hospital of Mexico City; in Brazil, the creation of the Master Plan for the expansion of the Rio de Janeiro metro; in the Sultanate of Oman, the design and construction for the expansion of two hydrocarbon plants; and in Uruguay, the construction project for the El Plata liquefied natural gas terminal.

At sea, we must mention the new features of FORAN, our system for marine design and construction, which has new licensees in China, Turkey and Croatia.

Meanwhile, within SENER, we have adopted the figure of Chief Technical Engineer, which has a long tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries. So far, we have thus recognized eight of our leading engineers with this distinction.

Finally, we put the spotlight on our website, which features a new top-level brand domain: ‘.sener’.

Warm regards,

Jorge Sendagorta
SENER Grupo de Ingeniería

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