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E-SEMA, Electric Smart Actuator for gas turbine engines

E-SEMA mounted in an engine.

E-SEMA mounted in an engine.

One of the major challenges in the aeronautic sector is to have electrical actuators that are light, reliable and easy to interface to a control unit in a gas turbine engine. In this respect, Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMA) have several advantages over Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (EHA) such as better efficiency or reduced maintainability improving significantly the management of operational interrupts. EMA represent the next generation of actuation system for most of the commercial aircrafts and aero engines.

In this context, the E-SEMA is a project of the Clean Sky program that aims the design, manufacture and test of an innovative concept of light, reliable and smart electrical actuator for an inlet guide vane or stator vane application of gas turbine engines. This actuator will be capable of interfacing and connecting to the engine control unit in a plug-and-play manner.

SENER has developed an innovative concept of smart electrical actuator based on a multi-disciplinary approach that considers mechanisms, the control electronic, the control software and the power supply.

The E-SEMA concept is based on a similar application of the HP-SMART-EMA already developed by SENER. In this new project, SENER’s main objective has been to develop a robust design taking into account the electrical power actuation in extremely severe conditions.

To date, SENER has performed: the preliminary design (mechanical & electronic) for review and approval, that was successfully; the actuator manufacturing, with several prototypes that have been tested and validated in a bench environment; the development and manufacturing for testing of the auxiliary electronic equipment; the test set up configuration and the test plan.

As a final result, SENER experience from E-SEMA shows that a real engine application will have a different engine interface and specification of environmental conditions. Anyway, SENER has developed a new product design that could be used for future engine programs with modifications to today’s hardware and the actuator design.



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