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2017, half a century in Space

Rocket launch tower in Kiruna (Sweden), first SENER Project in Space

Rocket launch tower in Kiruna (Sweden), first SENER Project in Space

In 2017, SENER will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the Space sector, a journey that commenced in 1967 when it won the international tender for the rocket launch tower in Kiruna, Sweden. This first contract, which was also SENER’s first international contract, marked the beginning of an area of activity with a long and successful history within the company.

SENER is currently a global benchmark in engineering and production services for Space in five spheres of activity: electromechanical components and systems; navigation and attitude control systems (GNC/AOCS); optical systems; microgravity and life support systems; and astronomy.

Thanks to its reliability, it has secured contracts with an ever-wider scope and ever more responsibility assigned to its teams, until becoming a first-level supplier and, in some cases, the prime contractor of full missions, such as Proba-3, or complex systems such as the AOCS on EUCLID.

Within SENER, Space acts as a seed bed for technological excellence and has produced key technology for the growth and diversification of the company, which has applied these innovations to fields of activity as varied as thermosolar plants and high-speed rail, in which it is currently considered a leading company.

With 50 years of experience, SENER has established itself as a global benchmark in the space sector, having supplied more than 270 devices and systems to satellites and space vehicles for NASA, the ESA, JAXA, and Roscosmos, all without a single recorded fault. The company is present on the main scientific missions launched in Europe and in some mechanisms, such as Boom mechanisms, SENER is the main supplier for the ESA.

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