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The Agua Prieta II in Mexico

Agua Prieta II combined cycle power station.

Agua Prieta II combined cycle power station.

Working in a consortium with the company Elecnor, SENER performed this turnkey project which entailed designing, building and commissioning the power plant for Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

As the lead company on the project, SENER developed all of the engineering for the plant, and supervised its construction and commissioning.

The plant is located in Agua Prieta, in Mexico’s Sonora State, a desert region with a dire lack of water. The decision was therefore made to design a combined cycle unit that would function using a closed de-mineralized water circuit cooled by an air condenser. Another unique aspect implemented due to the plant’s location is the fact that it has a water treatment plant to provide it with its de-mineralized water. The treatment plant purifies sewage water from the city, thus providing an excellent environmental benefit.

The power station consists of two gas turbines and one steam turbine supplied by the CFE, two heat recovery boilers, and all of the plant’s auxiliary equipment, which notably includes Mexico’s first chiller cooling system.

The project also included connecting the power station to an adjacent solar field to create a hybrid plant: the first combined cycle power plant in Latin America to have one. In total, Agua Prieta II has a generation capacity of 407 MW. Because of this configuration, CFE has indicated that operating this power plant will save 1,306 million barrels of fuel oil (1.4 million barrels of diesel) from being consumed each year. The provisional reception of the project was held last September and the plant is expected to begin commercial operations in 2017.

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