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SENER invests in AIRBUS Defense and Space’s CBC facilities for the Factory of the Future

CBC composite cleanroom.

CBC composite cleanroom.

For some time now there has been talk of the so-called fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. A revolution based on creating more intelligent production centers and processes – the so-called Factory of the future or Smart factory, in which industrial automation will play a crucial role for the implementation of these concepts. Airbus Defence and Space has launched a series of global measures aimed at supporting all of the Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Following this strategy, Airbus Defence and Space’s Centro Bahía de Cádiz (CBC) has included the Factory of the future (CBC 4.0) in its transformation plan, which covers all its production areas: assembly, manufacture of metal and composite materials.


The strategic lines are based on three main principles: maximum automation of industrial methods, robust quality systems and information management efficiency – so-called connectivity.


Some of the most important objectives of the Factory of the Future project include: ensuring that the factory is sustainable and profitable in the long-term; that its industrial processes and methods are attractive in a global market; that it has simple solutions to complex processes; that it maximizes the integration of individuals; and that it respects the environment and society.


In order to implement this huge project, the CBC is relying on Airbus’ excellent network of suppliers, including SENER, which collaborates in the development of automated systems that improve the efficiency of its own industrial and handling methods, necessary for dealing with complex production processes. In this respect, the tools developed by SENER, such as the use of robots, automated manipulation systems and intelligent vehicles, are essential.


Being prepared for the future is something that we must work towards day after day and, considering the speed at which technologies are advancing and society is changing, we have to keep our finger constantly on the pulse to ensure we do not become obsolete in an extremely competitive world. Airbus Defence and Space, the CBC and SENER are working together to achieve this.

Information supplied by Juan Ramón Astorga (Airbus Defence and Space).

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