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SENER designs two ships for MARPOL waste collection

Barges for MARPOL waste collection.

Barges for MARPOL waste collection.

SENER has been placed in charge of the basic and detail engineering for two double-hulled ships for collecting liquid oily waste from ships and solid waste in compliance with MARPOL regulations. The two barges are for the shipbuilder Tecnología Medio Ambiente (TMA), and they are being built in Galicia’s Nodosa shipyard. SENER’s design will help TMA conduct its activities efficiently, reducing its environmental impact to a minimum and complying with its commitment to care for and respect nature.

The larger barge has six tanks for storing liquid waste, with a total capacity of 230 m3. For solid waste, the resources for loading and unloading six containers have been installed on the cargo deck. This ship also boasts a hydraulically operated telescopic crane for moving the containers. Meanwhile, the smaller barge has two MARPOL waste tanks with a capacity of 32.5 m3, four containers on deck for collecting solid waste, and a hydraulic crane.

This project has been a success because of SENER’s close collaboration with the client, which placed its trust in Nodosa and SENER because of their reliability, quality, competitiveness and strict adherence to deadlines. With the construction of these two ships, Nodosa has solidified its status as a specialist in ships dedicated to MARPOL waste management.

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