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Major advances in the construction on NOORo II and NOORo III

SENER team at NOORo III.

SENER team at NOORo III.

SENER is part of the consortium that is in charge of the construction and commissioning of the NOORo II and III thermosolar power plants as the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor. The Saudi company ACWA Power is leading two projects promoted by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), with financing from banks including KfW Bankengruppe, the World Bank and the African Development Bank. SENER and the Chinese company SEPCO III have formed the turnkey builder consortium for NOORo II and NOORo III. These projects, which consist of providing the design, supply, civil engineering work, electromechanical assembly and commissioning of the plants, call for performance testing to start in the second half of 2017 in the case of NOORo II, and in late 2017 for NOORo III.


The EPC phase is entailing an investment of over €600 million. This 200 MW thermosolar plant is equipped with SENERthrough®-2 parabolic troughs (designed and patented by SENER), in addition to boasting 6 hours of thermal storage capacity because of its use of molten salts. The EPC contract came into force in July 2015 and the project is now over 66% complete, with the engineering and procurement phases practically complete and with 50% of the solar field already installed. Meanwhile, the civil engineering work is also moving ahead briskly, as assembly has already begun on the structures and mechanical equipment. The construction work has thus far required over 2,500,000 labor hours, with an average of 2,000 team members working in the last month.


The EPC phase represents an investment of over €550 million. With 150 MW in nominal power, NOORo II has HE54 heliostats (designed and patented by SENER), and a molten salt receiver that is also a SENER trademark. The plant has thermal storage capacity for 7.5 hours of production in the absence of solar radiation. The project is nearly 66% complete, with its engineering and procurement practically finished and with around 24% of its construction done. The construction work is in the last phase of the civil engineering, which includes building the central tower (completed in October), in addition to the electromechanical assembly having been started in both the solar field and the power block. Over 2,200 heliostats have been installed thus far out of a total 7,400, and commissioning is expected to begin before the end of 2016. Over 1,700 team members are working to build NOORo III, more than 75% of whom are Moroccan.

When combined with NOORo I, which was opened in early 2016, NOORo II and NOORo III will complete Morocco’s Ouarzazate complex, which will have 510 MWe, making it the world’s largest. In addition to this there will also be a fourth and final phase, NOORo IV, which will have photovoltaic technology.

As in all of its projects, SENER has maintained a strong commitment to the local community since the start of the first phase of NOORo I, providing work for local employees and suppliers and implementing a long-term plan for developing domestic industry that includes building components with high-technology content in Morocco, such as the molten salt receiver, which is being built in Casablanca.

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