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LNG cabotage in Chile

SENER has successfully concluded the “LNG Cabotage to Southern Chile Study” commissioned by Chile’s state oil and gas company, ENAP. This contract entailed providing the engineering services for a study of alternatives, on a conceptual level, for maritime supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for Chile’s Bío Bío region, with the goal of meeting the power demand projected for the area.

The gas was supplied in two phases. The first phase entailed supplying gas from the existing Quintero LNG regasification plant. Here SENER studied and worked on the previous plans for expanding the plant and its berth to adapt them to the LNG tankers SENER and ENAP have selected for the cabotage transport. In the second phase, gas was supplied from the Cabo Negro LNG terminal in the Strait of Magellan. SENER was also in charge of defining the LNG storage plant and the facilities for loading LNG onto tankers. When defining the LNG tanker, SENER took into account the extreme sailing conditions that arise in the exit routes from the Strait of Magellan. SENER also was part of the study and the definition of the reception, storage and regasification terminal in Concepción province, and it helped select the most suitable location to build the terminal.


SENER concluded the study by submitting an estimate of the investments that would be needed for the various alternatives. This will allow ENAP to determine the guidelines for its strategic plan for supplying LNG to central Chile and for establishing an initial starting base for the future Cabo Negro terminal. By performing this study, SENER has consolidated its position in the Chilean market as a leading company in engineering and turnkey projects.

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