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Letter from the President

Jorge Sendagorta, President of SENER Grupo de Ingeniería, S.A.

Jorge Sendagorta, President of SENER Grupo de Ingeniería, S.A.

Dear friends,

The year 1967 marked the beginning of SENER’s own space adventure. An extraordinary team of SENER engineers, including Txetxu Ribacova, Carlos Sánchez Tarifa and José Manuel (Manu) de Sendagorta himself designed and built the scientific rocket launch tower in Kiruna, Sweden. In fact, this was the first contract to be awarded to a Spanish company for a space application and, 50 years later, the tower is still in operation.

The group constituted a unique team of engineers. One which believed in its own capabilities and worked hard with a great deal of credit (you only have to think about the technological deficiencies in Spain at the time) to broaden the horizons of a company that, until then, had only focused its efforts on the Marine sector for which it was originally created. Since then, we have accumulated half a century of dreams and challenges in Space, with a specific terminology (mechatronics, payloads, white rooms, critical design reviews…) that we have made our own and, above all, over 270 pieces of equipment successfully installed and operative on missions such as SpaceLab, Columbus, Cluster, Herschel & Planck, Gaia, Curiosity, Rosetta, ExoMars, and soon Proba-3, Solar Orbiter, BepiColombo, Euclid, JUICE and ATHENA.

On such important occasions, it is always pleasant to remember where we came from, to recall important events and dates, and to feel the thrill of the achievement and success that SENER experienced at that time. To recognize that, in spite of all the years that have gone by, the motivations of those pioneers (much like ours now) are immutable: a fascination for engineering, commitment to the objectives of each project, competitiveness, the will to take on ever greater responsibilities, and the constant improvement that is required in order to offer your clients the best solution. Thanks to all this, SENER has established itself as a prestigious company within the Space sector, with solid leadership in Science programs, having participated in more than half of those undertaken by the European Space Agency (ESA).

This noble and challenging spirit of the early years still characterizes us today, driving us to develop projects such as the ones I have mentioned in Space, but also in other very different areas, where SENER’s contributions are internationally recognized. To give some examples, we could highlight our work on the Riyadh metro, on the High Speed Two (HS2) railway in the UK, as well as highly important transport and industrial infrastructure projects in Mexico. Then there are the NOORo I, II and III thermosolar plants (Morocco), which make up the largest solar complex built to date, and which garnered much attention at the COP22 in Marrakesh. Not to mention our FORAN marine software, which continues to expand and which brought together users from around the world at its last 9th FORUM.

SENER also took a step forward when it supported the Business Observatory against Poverty, promoted by CODESPA, and continues to do so when its people organize charity initiatives in Morocco and other places. We also made progress when our health and safety indices improved and we achieved our goal of zero accidents in most of our EPC projects. Moreover, we continued to advance when we climbed up the engineering and reputation rankings, both in Spain and abroad.

Our vocation as engineers will always drive our will to design and construct a better future for everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Jorge Sendagorta
SENER Grupo de Ingeniería, S.A.

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