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Delivery of the fourth and fifth updated AB-212 helicopters

AB-212 updated helicopter in a mission, courtesy of the Spanish Navy.

AB-212 updated helicopter in a mission, courtesy of the Spanish Navy.

SENER has delivered, along with its Joint Venture partner, Babcock MCS España, to the Directorate General of Armament and Material (Dirección General de Armamento y Material, DGAM) of the Spanish Ministry of Defense the fourth and fifth updated Agusta Bell 212 helicopters (AB-212), within the program undertaken to extend the lifecycle of these helicopter models.

These new aircrafts will join the three already delivered, which are being used by the Spanish Army in its operations. The two remaining to complete the program will be delivered along 2018.

SENER and Babcock MCS España (former INAER, now integrated in Babcock MCS España) have carried out the program to extend the operational life of seven AB-212 helicopters of the Spanish Navy by at least 15 years, incorporating advancements in equipment and avionics.

This update, in which SENER was responsible for the design, integration and general engineering, has enabled the helicopters to operate without restrictions in controlled military and civilian airspace, in compliance with all the new regulatory requirements. It has also incorporated self-protection and self-defense systems that enable them to be deployed in multinational missions with low to medium threat levels.


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