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Copernicus, the European Earth Observation Program

SENER’s Flip Mirror Device for Sentinel 3.

SENER’s Flip Mirror Device for Sentinel 3.

SENER takes part in four of the seven satellites that make up the fleet in the Copernicus European Earth Observation Program. Specifically, SENER contributes in the following ones: Sentinel 1 (twin satellites 1A and 1B), Sentinel 2 (2A and its twin 2B), Sentinel 3 (3A and 3B, also identical) and Sentinel 5.

For Sentinel 1, SENER supplied the deployment system for the five panels on the SAR antenna (Synthetic Aperture Radar), which has nominally been in operation on Sentinel 1A since its launch in April 2014.

For Sentinel 2, whose first satellite was launched in June of 2015, SENER developed the Shutter and Calibration Mechanism (SCM) for the Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) that allows this innovative and high-resolution multi-spectral satellite camera (with 13 bands) to be properly calibrated.

For Sentinel 3, SENER engineered the selector mirror mechanism (both the concept and the electronics) of an FMD (Flip Mirror Device) for the Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR). This high-performance mechatronic device allows the SLSTR to use a dual vision technique that provides greater coverage than its predecessor (Envisat/AATSR).

Finally, on Sentinel 5, SENER is responsible for the optical bench of the UVNS SWIR (ultraviolet and infrarred ranges) sub-system, which includes a high dimensional stability structure and the parts that screen and fix the optical elements.


SENER’s Shutter and Calibration Mechanism for Sentinel 2.

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