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Compression stations and gas pipelines in Mexico

As part of its 2015-2019 five-year plan for expanding Mexico’s integrated natural gas transportation and storage system, Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) launched a tender bid process for operating the La Laguna – Aguascalientes and Villa de Reyes – Aguascalientes – Guadalajara gas pipelines.

These pipelines will be able to transport 886 million cubic feet of gas per day, with a diameter of 92 cm and a combined approximate length of 850 km. They will pass through the states of Coahuila, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes and Jalisco, and will connect to the El Encino – La Laguna gas pipeline and the Tula – Villa de Reyes gas pipeline, in order to meet the demand of the country’s central and western regions. The winning bids came from the company Fermaca, which also indicated that there will need to be compression stations in La Laguna and Villa de Reyes. For the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for the two stations, Fermaca signed two 18-month contracts with SENER for approximately $60 million that will entail 360,000 hours in engineering and commissioning.

SENER also won several more bids in this project through the Italian company SICIM, which Fermaca has hired for the construction of these two gas pipelines. SENER will provide the detailed engineering for both, which will represent practically 60,000 hours of work.

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