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Current status of Moyua station.

Current status of Moyua station.

Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS), the company commissioned with developing the Basque Country’s rail infrastructures, has awarded SENER the contract for drafting the construction project for the Moyua-Matiko section of line 4 of the Bilbao metro. This section will link the Rekalde neighborhood with lines 1 and 2 in Moyua via Zabalburu and Irala, and will be extended to join up with line 3 in Matiko and the Artxanda tunnel. It will be the first phase in this line to run under the Estuary of Bilbao near the Euskalduna Palace. The new line’s stations will be built with the same design and appearance as Bilbao’s current metro stations.

In 2010, SENER drafted the advisory study for this line, which will serve as a guide for the work that is now being started. The section involved in this contract is almost 3 km long and will have several unique features, including three new underground stations (Moyua, which will connect lines 1 and 2 and the first phase of line 4, El Parque and Deusto), and their associated work. The framework of this project will also include several branch lines leading to the Artxanda tunnel, making it possible to guarantee a direct link to Bilbao’s airport, as well as access ramps, evacuation and ventilation shafts, and connections at each end, both in Moyua and Matiko, in a scenario of use and operation.

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