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Asunción Metrobus

Perspective of the standard station of Asuncion’s BRT (Paraguay).

Perspective of the standard station of Asuncion’s BRT (Paraguay).

The Portuguese company MOTA-ENGIL awarded SENER the contract to design and build sections 2 and 3 of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, known as the Metrobus, between the capital of Paraguay, Asunción, and the city of San Lorenzo. The two sections have a total length of 11.4 km and comprise 18 stations.

The Metrobus will connect the cities of Asunción, Fernando de la Mora and San Lorenzo via a new corridor for articulated buses that runs along one of the city’s main roads. In this contract, SENER is responsible for the final design of the route and the associated infrastructure (earthworks, rigid and flexible road surfaces and road signaling), and will also be participating in the architecture and structure of the stations’ electromechanical facilities.

In addition to the road and station plans, the project includes the networks of basic public utilities such as drinking water, sanitation, telephone, electricity, rainwater drainage, modification of the sidewalks and traffic diversions during the work. The Asunción Metrobus is part of the urban redevelopment program of the Paraguayan Ministry of Public Works and Communications.

BRT Systems

BRT is a medium-capacity urban transport system that incorporates features typical of metro and rail systems. It has exclusive lanes, accessible stations and ticket machines on the street, CCTV and automatic doors, vehicles with a higher capacity and performance than normal vehicles and remote monitoring through an operations control center.

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