SNPV solar trackers for photovoltaic plants

SNPV solar trackers for photovoltaic plants

SENER has launched a new solar business line for photovoltaic power plants: a photovoltaic tracker called the SNPV tracker. This new product has been developed with a strategic partner, the company iDasein. SENER’s role consists in reviewing the design, performing the integration and industrialization, and providing the procurement and marketing for the trackers, while iDasein’s contribution has been performing detailed design of the trackers, taking part in the industrialization process and providing its knowledge on the photovoltaic market.

Meanwhile, SENER holds its vast experience as a provider of solar power plant products with high added value: from heliostats to parabolic trough collectors (the SENERtrough® system), tower receivers, storage systems, etc., in addition to contributing its leadership in the engineering and construction of these plants for numerous clients in the energy industry; over 2,060 MWe installed in Spain, Morocco, South Africa, and the United States.

The two companies have created a family of SNPV trackers that includes both, single-row and multi-row trackers (with up to 15 rows), that provide tracking along a single axis with a 2V configuration (two vertical modules). Each tracker covers an area of 180 sqm consisting of 90 photovoltaic modules with a total length of 45 m per row. So each multirow block covers an area of 2,700 sqm, with 1,350 modules. Due to the trackers’ innovative design, its weight is 20% smaller than other models in the market.

In addition to this, SENER has also developed a software program called Oruga 2.0 that conducts comprehensive analyses of tracker installation and earthworks, while at the same time assessing the combination of multi- and single-row trackers, and the best slope for each row, in order to streamline the total costs for the project.

These trackers are also assembled on-site, where a tent of nearly 500 sqm is set up to assemble the entire PV structure, with all of its modules and connections, at a rate of 1 MWp per day.

The goal is to reduce solar field global cost by applying mass production and assembly methods, while limiting the on-site work required for assembly, support alignment and final segment connection.

In addition to completing the certification of the product, a prototype that will be operational in July / August, is also being assembled in one of Torresol Energy’s solar thermal plants in the Valle 1 & Valle 2 complex.