Owner engineering for Tierra Mojada

Aerial view of the construction works at Tierra Mojada power plant in Mexico. The company Ciclo Combinado Tierra Mojada, S. de R.L. de C.V. is building the Tierra Mojada combined cycle gas power plant in Guadalajara, in the Mexican state of Jalisco. This project includes connecting the power plant to two conventional outdoor substations and two 400-kV high-voltage lines.

The facilities consist of a power plant that generates electricity in a combined cycle with two gas turbogenerators and a steam turbogenerator, with all of their associated auxiliary systems, and with approximately 875 MW of net power.

For this project, SENER is executing an owner engineering work and services provision contract, which involves creating an organizational structure equipped to cover the project’s various development phases: from basic and detailed engineering to quality assurance, inspection, planning and oversight of construction, and supervision of commissioning.

More specifically, SENER’s owner engineering work includes: project management for the owner engineering; reviewing the turnkey (EPC) engineering contracts awarded to another company; supervising inspection of the EPC’s primary/critical equipment; and overseeing construction and commissioning.

SENER will perform all of this work in accordance with the applicable international and Mexican regulations.

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