FORAN expands its customer portfolio in Russia

Ship design using SENER’s FORAN System. FORAN, SENER’s CAD/CAM/CAE system, has solidified its presence in Rusia. The JSC Shipbuilding & Shiprepair Technology Center (SSTC) in Vostok, the marine engineering company FORSS Technology, and Moscow Technological University (MIREA) have all recently made progress on implementing FORAN in their facilities.

JSC SSTC Vostok has updated and renewed its FORAN agreements with SENER. It was motivated by the fact that the Russian fishing industry is immersed in a radical modernization process pushed by the Russian Government, which wants to attract the top end of the global fishing industry. In response, this technology center—founded in 1939 and known as a leading design and innovation hub in the Russian shipbuilding sector—has reaffirmed its trust in the FORAN System. In fact, JSC SSTC Vostok will be using SENER’s software in three new contracts that it has won to design and build cutting-edge fishing vessels equipped with the latest technology. This has allowed FORAN to position itself in Russia as a marine design system that is perfectly equipped for designing these latest-generation fishing vessels.

Meanwhile, the FORAN armament subsystem has been used by the mid-size engineering firm FORSS Technology to successfully develop a series of complex systems for a sophisticated vessel within a tight deadline, for Severnaya Verf, one of St. Petersburg’s most demanding shipbuilders.

Furthermore, Moscow Technological University (MIREA) reached out to SENER when the United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK, for its Russian initials) commissioned it to study the exchanges of information between the top CAD/CAM and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems in the industrial world. The recognition by OSK’s managers and MIREA’s specialists that FORAN is one of the key systems for the country’s industry is proof of the growing prevalence of FORAN in the Russian marine sector, where it has been on the market since the Soviet era.

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