Basic engineering for a Fincantieri cruise ship

Fincantieri cruise ship.  SENER is taking part in the basic engineering for a cruise ship with a capacity of 7,280 people, which will operate around the world for MSC Cruises. The work is being carried out for Fincantieri, one of the biggest names in shipbuilding, with 20 shipyards on four continents. SENER is working specifically for the Fincantieri technical office in Trieste, Italy.

The ship will measure 339 m length, with 169,38 GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage). Its design is similar to the one of its future sister ship, with slight modifications to the propulsion and accommodation. SENER is responsible for a basic engineering package that includes outfitting, P&ID´s of different on-board systems, and all the documentation needed by the shipyard.

After this first engineering package contract, seen by both parties as a “getting-to-know-you period”, SENER hopes to become a regular engineering supplier for Fincantieri.