Tender project for Dublin airport

The companies Roadbridge and FCC have awarded SENER, in the Temporary Joint Venture with the British company ARUP, the tender project for the design of the construction works for the new North runway of Dublin airport (Ireland).

The new runway with 3,110 m length will allow Code F aircraft (from 65 m to 80 m wingspan) operations. The project also includes the taxiways system to connect the runway with the parking apron, rapid exit taxiways and thresholds accesses.

According to the contract, SENER is responsible for the design of the fencing, pavement, signs and lines, AGL (Airfield Ground Lighting) and the civil works associated with NAVAIDS radio assistance.

The main challenges of the project are the design of the pavement over a natural ground with low bearing capacity and the need to execute the works crossing a runway in operation.