Preliminary study for the Valencia-Castellón High-Speed Rail line

The Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport has awarded SENER with the contract to provide the preliminary study for the high-speed rail line between the Spanish cities Valencia and Castellón. It is a 60-km-long section of double track running alongside the existing track, which will link up, to the south, with the end of the future Valencia north-south transit tunnel, and to the north with Castellón station.

The contract has a 24-month limit for completion and forms part of the 2012-2024 Infrastructure, Transport, and Housing Plan (PITVI, for its Spanish acronym). The purpose of the preliminary study is to define the different route options and recommend the optimal solution for the high-speed rail connection between Valencia and Castellón, as well as providing support for the public information and approval processes required by current legislation.

The new infrastructure will make it possible to separate high-speed traffic from other traffic—local, regional and freight trains—along the so-called Mediterranean Rail Corridor, thus increasing the capacity of this corridor and helping to improve its overall operating conditions.

SENER’s study will be subject to a subsequent environmental impact evaluation and will be based on previous available studies, which have been duly completed and updated to the new technical and regulatory requirements.