Design Dynamic Supervision ADIF's railway projects

 View of a permanent way at-grade. ADIF, Spanish public railway Agency, engaged SENER for a period of two years, to provide a continue design dynamic supervision in order to ensure compliance with regulations and a full design consistency. Under this contract, SENER will review 37 preliminary engineering and detailed design railway projects, which five of them include track and railhead design, and 32 refer to permanent way and enhancement railway projects.

The contract includes senior highly expertise consultancy as required by ADIF, so as to ensure decisions are properly taken. It also entails drafting revision reports, the progress documentation and the preliminary engineering and detailed design for the several stages of the works included in the contract, until the project’s final approval. These reports will distinguish the different project types:

  • Permanent way design.
  • Track and railhead design.
  • Enhancement projects (detailed design).

The goal is to ensure that the content of all railway projects under this contract is consistent according to the standards, regulation and guidelines on force, also the achievement of the scope is met, and lastly to ensure the utmost quality of the reviewed work, so that potential proposed changes will minimize costs and deadlines.