Production line for the control section of the CAMM missile

The Spanish division of the European company MBDA has awarded SENER a contract to participate in the SeaCeptor system, specifically in the Control Actuator System (CAS) of the CAMM missile.

This contract is part of the technological program for the future F-110 frigates being designed by Navantia for the Spanish Navy. MBDA Spain is conducting a study for the Spanish General Directorate for Armament and Material (DGAM on its Spanish acronym) on the viability of integrating the SeaCeptor system, built around its CAMM missile, into these frigates.

SENER’s contribution to this program consists of the industrialization and implementation of the production line for the CAMM missile’s Control Actuator System (CAS).

On completion of the contract, SENER will be qualified to act as the design authority for the CAS and may potentially become the sole manufacturer and supplier of all the CAMM units produced in the future.