Optimization of the noise abatement measures for the Irizar i8, proclaimed Coach of the Year 2018

Irizar i8 bus, courtesy of Irizar SENER has contributed to the optimization of the noise abatement measures for the Irizar i8 bus model of the bus and coach manufacturer Irizar. This innovation has been one of the aspects that have led this unit to receive the Coach of the Year 2018 prize, which has been awarded by professional magazines of the bus sector from different European countries since 1989. The judges’ panel has highlighted its numerous advances in design, safety and environment - including “its quiet interior, especially in the rear” – and its cost efficiency.

SENER has provided an extensive consultancy service involving its Acoustics, Vibrations and Fluid dynamics team, which has allowed the manufacturer Irizar to reach a minimum level of noise and vibrations in its recent units, including its model i8. SENER has contributed to this achievement thanks to its experience in the field of Acoustics and Vibrations, in which a group of experts in simulation and experimentation has been working for almost 20 years.

The acoustic consultancy work performed by SENER was carried out in situ on the assembly lines of the coaches, where the engineering and technology company advised the manufacturer on how to achieve the optimal installation for the soundproofing materials. Also in the Irizar factory in Ormaiztegi (Basque Country, Spain), SENER has developed and tested several prototypes of bus installed with innovative new features. These tests have allowed the company to offer an accurate vibration-acoustic diagnosis with a view to reducing the acoustic levels at their rear, which is usually the loudest part. These advances, implemented in the i8, have been transferred to the rest of the range of Irizar coaches.