MARES training model at Johnson Space Center

SENER team along with scientific leaders during the functioning validation of the MARES protocol at Johnson Space Center.

MARES (Muscle Atrophy Research and Exercise System) is a scientific instrument fully integrated by SENER for the European Space Agency (ESA), for researching the effects of zero gravity on the muscles in the human body. This project also forms part of the NASA Human Research Facility (HRF).

SENER has installed a training model of the scientific instrument MARES at the Space Vehicle Mock-Up Facility in the Johnson Space Center, NASA’s center for manned space activities, located in Houston, Texas (USA). With this facility, the world’s three main space agencies, ESA, Roscosmos and NASA, all have MARES training models for on-land training of astronauts before flying to the ISS, where the definitive system is installed.

Thanks to the MARES models, cosmonauts can do assembly and usage tests as well as pre-flight and post-flight protocols for the joint experiment run by the European, US and Russian agencies - Sarcolab (Myotendinous and Neuromuscular Adaptation to Long-term Spaceflight), designed to assess muscle atrophy experienced by astronauts in the muscle groups of the knee and ankle joints.